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Below you can find a list of the FFLs we have received. If you don't see your FFL or your dealer's FFL on this list then we haven't processed it yet. Your dealer usually will not appear on this list until after the day we ship the gun. If you feel that your dealers FFL should have arrived but is not appearing on this list, please make sure the FFL was sent.

This list was developed as a convenient way for our customers to see what FFLs we have on file. You can use a dealer that is not on this list. We only need a copy of their license to send a gun there. Readable emailed PDF copies or Faxes are accepted.

We do not know what other dealers charge for transfers. At 1st Class Firearms we charge $30 per gun including background check for inbound used gun transfers. New guns you must call us first. Inbound transfers mean you are picking up the gun from our retail store that has been transferred from another dealer. We charge a $30 transfer fee for outbound transfers.

Please verify that the FFL dealer is still in operation before you choose them.
Please contact them before notifying us of your choice.
If the FFL shows expired, we will need a new copy for our files.

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FFLName City State PostalCode Expire
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